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Boxing/UFC fights are often held as inconvenient hours for many people around the globe. The exact time of the fights are also unpredictable, mainly due to the undercard. To watch the main event, you have two main options: stay up and watch the whole undercard. Or set an alarm for when the fight is planned to start, and hope that you don't get there too early, or too late.


The solution to this problem is to have an automated system ( this website ) call/text you when the fight is about to start. That way you don't waste time, or worse, miss the action.


Sign up to an event by entering in your phone number, and whether or not you want to receive the alert by text message, or automated phone call. When the event is due to take place ( ring walk, or actual fight ) CallMeWhenItsOn.com will automatically trigger the notification to tell you it's time to tune in.


Your telephone numbers are deleted 24 hours after the event. Your telephone numbers are encrypted at rest ( in a database ). Your telephone numbers are never shared with anybody. The third party service I use to send the text messages and phone calls is Twillio.com

Time Zones ( UTC ):

All of the dates/times listed on this website ( for now ) are listed in UTC. To help you convert that to your local time, I recommend you use www.worldtimebuddy.com.

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